I got a few moles removed on my face yesterday (shaving method) but I'm not sure what to do now?

She put little skin colored tape over the wounds and said not to wash my face for two days and to let the tape fall off on their own. I am on day two and was wondering when the tape falls off, do I clean the area with bedadine solution and apply aquphor and a bandage over them? I have been waiting nine years to remove them and really am hoping it'll heal up with close to no, minimal scaring.

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Mole Removal and Wound Care

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Mole removal and post-operative care is important for the best results.  I am not sure if you are describing steri-strips by the "tape" but I urge you to call your treating physician and confirm with them the post-op care.  The doctor may want you to re-apply steri-strips with aquaphor.  It is important to take care of these areas for up to 7 days or more.

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