A Few Concerns About my Breast Aug. Should I Get a Redo? (photo)

So Feb 21 2013 I had 450cc HP Silicone unders placed. Being a 34a or 34b before. I have been depressed because they aren't as big as I asked for, they are too far apart, and they already feel like they are saggy. I have a few concerns. They appear uneven to me. One nipple is higher, they are ugly when I flex, far apart, and not as big as I asked. I am 5'7" and 150lbs.... Should I tell my surgeon my concerns and ask for a re do of over the muscle or what? I'm just not happy with my results!

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A Few Concerns About my Breast Aug. Should I Get a Redo?

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Would like to see before photos posted to compare. I think you were laterally riding type breasts so the result is acceptable. 

Problems after a breast augmentation

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If you are not happy then discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  You have a ridge at the lower pole of the breast.  I suspect that this was due to a high tight inframammary crease prior to surgery.  There are two features that are making your breast spread apart and making your cleavage diverge, your sternum is wide and your rib cage slopes outward.  These anatomic features make the implants fall off to the side.  A possible surgical correction may include an inferior capsulopexy and a mastopexy.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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A few concerns about your breast augmentation?

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Very difficult to fully comment without prior pictures. i think you should speak to your surgeon as clearly you are not fully satisfied with your end result. the natural gap between your breasts cannot really be altered by breast augmentation, nor can the nipple height discrepancy as it may have been present preoperatively.

you have appearance of a double bubble and this can be due to a number of reasons - best to discuss with your surgeon. the ugly appearance as you call it is what is referred to as an animation deformity when the pectoral muscles contract over the underlying implant.

good luck!

Breast issues after implants

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First, it looks like you have a double bubble which probably should be corrected. Asymmetry of the two breasts was probably apparante pre-op. If you do not like the position of the nipple then you may  need a lift.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Should you redo breast augmentation

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You do have limitations with augmentation, such as the natural spacing of your breast, and the shape of the skin envelope. Your breast shows a subtle double fold which has not relaxed, and the animation difficulty is inherant in submuscular augmentation. If you consider your feelings of saggy, nipple asymmetry, and not big enough, a 'redo' seems logical, but expectation is most important so carefully consider what your surgeon says can be delivered.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Dissatisfaction with aesthetic result.

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Dear SCGirl13,  It is difficult to answer your question without a better understanding of what you looked like before and also what you really look like now. The tops of your shoulders are not in the photographs and it is difficult to say whether you have a chest asymmetry.  There are significant shadows below your breasts on the straight on pictures which also affect your look.  It does look to me like your left nipple areola complex is below your right but it also looks in the photos like your left shoulder and collarbone is lower than your right.  I agree that there is a slight hint of a double bubble which is partly caused by a large implant.  I do not feel that you would be happier by having further surgery done.  You have very natural appearance to your chest and aside from some of the asymmetries which you see and the imperfections, I would recommend against doing further surgery.  In this situation, sometimes the enemy of a good result is the better result you might be seeking.  Complications are multiplying rather than additive in this situation.  Trying to get a better result could end up with a significantly worse result for you.  In brief I think you look good, and  I do not think that you look saggy.  Putting the implants closer to the midline  would give you an obviously fake look. In less you're looking to look augmented,  I would avoid surgery and the expenses associated with that. Talking with your surgeon may help.

David Janssen, MD, FACS
Oshkosh Plastic Surgeon
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Concerns About my Breast Aug.

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The easy part of the question to answer is yes, your should discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Without photos from before surgery it is not possible to  make proper judgement on the outcome. It does look like you have a double bubble on each side, and I suspect that this may be due to indentations from the location of the original folds. There are other possibilities. 

Your breasts are naturally widely spaced, and implants will not move the breasts closer together. The implants seem properly positioned  as to the vertical plane--they are centered behind the nipple and areola, as should they be. 

Discuss options with your surgeon. All the best .  


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Enhancement Surgery

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Seems like implants have dropped a bit, you may have some bottoming out which will require a pocket revision at the same time you could increase your volume if you wanted

Double Bubble After Breast Augmentation May Require Re do

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Thank you for your question.You can see a transverse lline or depression on the lower part of your breasts and beneath that line is a another protrusion which is the bottom of your implant. This is called a double bubble because from the side you see the round breast mound with a depression beneath it and then a second round bulge below that line.

This often happens when large breast implants are requested and the surgeon has to make a very large pocket to accommodate the implant. When the surgeon makes the pocket large occasionally the surgery violates the inframammary crease, the fold beneath your breast and the crease then shows at the bottom of your breast creating a depression, but the implant, placed below the inframammary crease appears as a second mound or bubble on the chest wall.

Unfortunately in my experience correcting a double bubble requires revision surgery which is discussed in the link below.

This problem is causing the implants to look too low with too much lower pole fullness and inadequate upper pole fullness. Fortunately the revision to repair the double bubble will elevate the implant, re-create your inframammary crease, and place more fullness above the nipple areola.

Be sure to discuss your concerns with a plastic surgeon who performed your breast augmentation.

Breast implant revision

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It's hard to say without seeing you, but it appears as though the pockets might need to be adjusted in order to give you a more improved look to your breasts.

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