Fever, Slow Recovery from Tummy Tuck. Very Worried?

My wife is 1 week post-op from tummy tuck. She is still very weak and in a lot of pain. Her incision looks ok. Some redness around part of it. She has begun spiking fevers (101.4). No difficulty breathing or other complaints. We went back to the doctor (who is very good), and he gave her fluids, pulled her drains, and started on Cipro. I am very worried. She doesn't seem worse but should she be getting better at this point?

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Sounds like you are being a good caretaker

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From your description it sounds like there is a possibility of an infection somewhere.  The lack of an infection would result in your wife feeling better as time goes.  Monitor her surgical site as well as her overall being closely.  Worsening of either the surgical site or how she feeling should prompt you to seek medical attention.  At that time urinalysis, blood work, and IV fluids would likely be started.  Stay in touch with your plastic surgeon as he/she should be intimately involved in her care.

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Concerns after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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I am glad that you and the plastic surgeon involved are keeping a  close eye on your spouse's situation. At this point, the source of her fever could be an infection along the incision line, a pulmonary infection ( pneumonia),  a urinary tract infection (a catheter was probably used during her procedure)...  It will be important  to monitor all of these “systems” to determine the source of fever.

I would suggest continued close follow-up with your plastic surgeon, keep him updated with any change in  signs/symptoms that she experiences,  encourage eating, hydration,  ambulation as well as deep breathing/coughing.

Best wishes.

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