Fever and Sharp Pain in Nose Four Months After Breaking It?

Hi! I am 15 and I broke my nose in gymnastics four months ago.I am getting ready to go back to the ENT, but I am getting concerned because 3 days ago I developed a fever and have had a sharp pain. My pain increases when I lean forward. Should I be worried?

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Fever and Sharp Pain 4 Months after Breaking Nose

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I am concerned enough that I recommend you see your ENT as soon as possible. If the fever is related to your injury you may have a sinus infection. 

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Fever And Sharp Pain Following A Nasal Trauma

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Based on your description, it is a little hard to provide you with a definitive diagnosis without a physical examination.

Nonetheless, as a head/neck and a plastic surgeon I tend to have a feeling that you may be developing a sinus problems that requires attention.

Therefore, I recommend that you visit your ENT who will be able to make the diagnosis for you and offer you the appropriate remedy.

I hope this helps and thank you for your inquiry.

The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Fever & Pain

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Better get into a Head & Neck Surgery - Facial Plastic Surgery office ASAP to evaluate the sinuses and soft tissues of the face.

Broken Nose

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Dear AJones, 

You should be evaluated by an ENT or a facial plastic surgeon with a background in ENT

It could be an early cold or sinus infection.

We would need a thorough history and exam in order to be sure

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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Nasal Pain following trauma

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It is difficult to say what is causing your fever and sharp pain without evaluating you, but this may be related to how your nose is broken.  When the nasal bones are broken in a way that obstructs clearing of your nasal passages or sinuses, you can sometimes experience pain with leaning forward.  You may want to consult with a facial plastic surgeon who will have experience in treating this type of issue.  

Kimberly Lee, MD
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