Fever of 37.8 C (100.4 F) 6th Day Post-op for Breast Augmentation, Should I Be Concerned?

Silicone implants, subpectoral. Not much visible redness, but right breast still sore and tight. Had stitches removed yesterday. Is it a possible infection?

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postoperative infection.

 Usually after day for five is when postoperative infections begin to rear their head. A low-grade temperature of 100.4 does not necessarily mean you have an infection however if you are not feeling well this may indicate something is going on. The best recommendation is to follow up with your plastic surgery to make the determination in person. These types of questions cannot be thoroughly answered over the Internet. Your best bet is to be cautious.

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Fever After Breast Augmentation

Thanks for your question. It is very important to follow up with your board-certified surgeon immediately regarding your fever. There is no way determine what is going on without an examination. Best of luck.

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Fever after breast augmentation

Low grade fever is sometimes normal up to one week after surgery. But if this is combined with redness or drainage, it is more of a concern. If you are worried, then you should see your surgeon.

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Low-grade fever after braest augment

A fever can represent a post-anesthesia event, an infection in the making, or a coincidental virus. The question is whether you had these symptoms at the time of suture removal or if they started today? Either way, you should report your findings to your plastic surgeon, including any redness in the breast and the soreness on the right side.

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