How long is too long to wait for a crown on an implant? (Photo)

February of 2016 , #7 crown fell out. I have crowns on 7,8,9 &10 that matched my teeth perfectly. On #7 the abutment broke and the dentist suggested that I get an implant, which we did. Late June got a crown, didn't match, Late July finally put in a crown (photo attached). Got it removed.Now shape is better but still no crown and we're in November! We are now on crown 7 still not right. What do I do? I just want my life back. Sick of this tray. I paid upfront. What to do?

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The risk of not having the implant restored in a timely manner is the shifting of the surrounding teeth.  The implant will not move but the space available to restore with a crown that matches the width of the other lateral incisor may shrink.  As long as there is a healing cap tightly covering the implant there is not a lot of worry about gum overgrowth.  

An issue that could be causing problems is what type of abutment the dentist is using.  If the dentist continues to use a "stock" generic investment this may prevent the lab from recreating the optimal shape, size and coloring that you desire.  A custom abutment can be used to improve these issues.  Custom abutments are milled to allow for enough room of the crown material for optimal strength, esthetics and cleansibility.  In addition, you can even have a zirconia (porcelain) abutment fabricated which will prevent any darkness at the gumline.  

Another thing is to make sure you are conveying your desires and expectations to your dentist.  This way they know what you are looking for and can transfer that to the lab. 

Good luck!

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