I was born with a misshaped Conchal Bowl. I had surgery to "fix" it over 20 years ago but it's still not appealing. (photos)

As you can see by the photo the bowl is outward. My original surgeon had said his plan was to flip the cartilage over but it was so mangled it did not turn out as he had hoped. So now I want to give it another shot. Can the bowl be corrected? and if so what technique would be advised. I also need to get that bump off the top of my ear from a prior accident and the ear pinned back as it is just the top that bends out\down. This is only for my left ear.

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Revision otoplasty

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Your photos suggest a left conchal bowl deformity, which may do well with further shaping or excision of underlying "bowed out: cartilage.  The upper part of the ear would likely benefit from shaping sutures, in order to recreate a fold in the antihelix (Y-shaped fold of cartilage in the ear) and place the ear closer to the skull.  The small defect and bump at the very top of the ear can be addressed concurrently with the other issues.  Your left ear is not the easiest, garden-variety ear concern; please seek out a surgeon well-versed in ear-shaping and revision otoplasty.  Good luck!

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