Feminizing the face. Would fixing my nose/chin make a difference? (Photo)

I think my frontal appearance is great, however the story with my profile couldn't be more different. I look very masculine from the side and want to know what procedures would fix this to make me look more feminine. I have a very square jaw anyway which can't be fixed but I'd like to know opinions on my chin/nose/the fatty bit under my chin? I've included both frontal and profile pictures to show the vast difference. I want to change my profile with minimal change to my face front on.

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Facial Harmony

 Although you have a strong chin I personally do not find it excessively strong. There are procedures to cut or contour the bone but these can have postoperative cosmetic problems. Your nose has a strong bridge which could be reduced some to better fit your face. With a strong chin the nasal bridge should be left relatively strong and not over reduced. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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