Can You Feminize my Chin? (photo)

I would like someday to have rhinoplasty and a chin reduction. It is difficult to find surgeons in my area who are experienced in making chins smaller as opposed to adding an implant! Is it possible to reduce the width AND length... I don't want to look like I just got the bottom of my chin chopped off like Heidi Montag or whatever her name is. I want a nicely sculpted chin. I feel my face is unbalanced and bottom heavy... Help!

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Chin Reduction and Reshaping Options

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Both the vertical length and width of the chin can be reduced through either an jntraoral bony genioplasty approach or from a submental technique. Each chin reduction approach has its advantages and disadvantages. On the side view it does not appear that you have excessive horizontal projection which favors the intraoral approach but how loose or redundant the overlying soft tissue chin pad is can not be fully evaluated by pictures. (redundant or a loose chin pad favors the submental approach)

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