Can I Change My Jawline, Chin, Nose, Etc for a More Feminine Look? (photo)

I was teased and tortured in middle school because I was constantly being mistaken for a boy. I have even left public school because of the harassment and embarrassment, but its not just in school. It even happens just leaving my house. Is there any way to make it more obvious that I'm a girl? Like changing my jaw line, chin and nose? or is it something else? taking more estrogen? please help.

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Facial feminization in the young female.

I have done facial feminization in transgendered patients for 35 years. Looking at your face you have a very youthful  pretty female face. You need no surgery not your nose or your jaw. Hairstyling and make up will probably give you a much more feminine look than any surgery could do. It costs a lot less and does a better job of facial feminization in your particular case.

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