I Want A More Feminine Look. What Do You Recommend?

I think my jaw & overall face shape look very masculine and am considering cosmetic procedures. I also have very noticeable indentations under my eyes and around the bridge of my nose, especially when I smile. What would be the best approach to achieve a more balanced, feminine looking face?

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Feminizing facial features

The color photo almost looks like a different person from the black and white photos. The color photo also looks like the nasal bridge has been augmented although this could be due to the difference in lighting. It is hard to make any specific recommendation because of the limited views of the photos and difference in look between the color and black and white photos. You may be a candidate for thinning of the masseter muscle/removal of the angle of the jaw bone to narrow the left to right dimensions of the lower third of the face but that decision cannot be made on the basis of these photos alone.

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I Want A More Feminine Look. What Do You Recommend?

The series of photos only gives us a two dimensional view. I recommend in person evaluations by boarded PSs in your area as the better path to follow. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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