Can A Female Whos Been A Victim of Female Circumstantial I.e Female Gentile Mutilation Be Reversed or Rejuvinated?

When i was born i was circumcised. Its a practice that my culture practices back in africa. I dont know if its due to religion or just a practice passed down from generation. It wasnt til i hit my mid teens that i reaized i was different down there. They cut off the clitoris and sew together the labia or completely remove it. Taking away the sensitivity and pleasure of sex making it agonizing and displeasing. But I want to know if it can be reversed and if so how much would it cost.

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Reversing Female Genital Mutilation

If your clitoris was partially removed, it can probably be brought to the surface. Patients often get improved sexual stimulation with that procedure. If you have some labia or clitoral hood remaining, some reconstruction can be performed. The possibilities of reconstruction depend on your anatomy as there are major variations of FGM. 


Dr. Gary Alter


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Reversal of Clitorectomy

It is possible to restore some pleasure sensation by removing the scar tissue and thus exposing the clitoris and/or labia once again.  It is a procedure that can be done under local anesthesia with light sedation for extra comfort.  Although the reported results are variable, most women in this situation would agree that it is sure worth the effort of surgical reversal.  Glad to help... @drryanstanton

Ryan Stanton, MD
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