I'm 20 years old 5'4" and 140 lbs. I Am a Female with Pectus Excavatum and I Have a Breast Size Difference - What Can I Do?

i am 20 years old 5'4" and 140 lbs and i have a pectus excavatum and my breast asymmetry is very noticeable B vs. DDD cup and i have worn a silicone prosthesis for 5 years and i can't seem to find a doctor to do the surgery and my health plan wont help either. I want at least the breast asymmetry fixed help what can i do the sad thing is i have had heart murmurs since i was 12 and cannot exercise due to breathing problems if i become agitated also the back pain is unbearable

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Breast reconstruction

Correction of breast assymmetry with pectus excavatum can be very complicated. It sound like you medical condition may preclude you from having surgery. There are options for reconstructing the chest wall and adding implants

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Breast asymmetry correction

The first question is whether you have a medical condition that would make anesthesia for elective surgery risky. Assuming you are OK for surgery, there are a number of possibilities including redction of the larger breast, redduction on the larger side with augmentation on the other, and so forth. There is likely some asymmetry of the rib cage too, and often a lift is required to improve the shape so these can be difficult cases. One option that I have found useful in cases like yours is the use of an expander implant (Spectrum from Mentor) that is helps fine tune the volume difference and expand the skin envelope if necessary on the smaller side. You should consult with more than one plastic surgeon with experience.

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Pectus excavatum and breast surgery

First, you have to be worked up for your shortness of breath. If you are medically cleared, then assessment of your desires form breast surgery can be performed.

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Breast Asymmetry

There are really only three options for correcting asymmetry:

  • augment the smaller side
  • reduce the larger side
  • do a little of both

What would be best in your case depends not only upon the asymmetry in size, but also the asymmetry in nipple position and droop. In any case, you will need medical clearance from your cardiologist or pulmonologist before proceeding with the surgery. Good luck!

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Treatment of Breast Assymetry and Pectus Excavatum

If the pectus excavatum is not too severe you may elect to only treat the breast asymmetry.

There are a variety of options for treating the breast asymmetry including reduction of the large breastbreast implant augmentation of the smaller breast, or a combination both.

If the pectus excavatum is severe then treatment with a custom implant to fill in the depressed area may be appropriate. 

If This is not satisfactory, then thoracic surgeon may be called upon to cut our and reshape or even reverse the breast bone to correct the defect.  In this is necessary then the breast asymmetry should be addressed at a later surgery.

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Pectus Excavatum and Breast Asymmetry

There are a number of different procedures that can be done to address both the abnormality of your breast-bone and your breast asymmetry. Which of these procedures are likely to work best will depend on the degree of sternal depression and the degree of breast asymmetry. You may want to get the opinions of several surgeons who have extensive experience with breast and chest wall reconstructive surgery.

Best of luck

Correction of Pectus Excavatum and associated breast asymmetry.

You have numerous issues which should first be evaluated by your physician and/or cardiologist and/or pulmonologist. This could require pulmonary function tests or stress tests. This should help your case for reconstructive surgery. In regards to the appearance of the breasts, insurance companies are increasingly denying coverage for these conditions.  

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Pecyus excavatum

For the breast there are few options you have. However these options need to be taken in conjunction with the pectus deformity.

You can reduce the large side

lift the large and may be slightly reduce, and enlage the small side

The most important is your symptoms of shortness of breath, this in the face of pectus excavatum requires a full work-up. Both cardiac and pulmonary workup. In some extreme pectus deformity may put pressure on the heart and some restriction on pulmonary function.

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I Am a Female with Pectus Excavatum and I Have a Breast Size Difference - What Can I Do?

I would recommend seeing a few boarded plastic surgeon in person for a treatment plan. From your description and no photo posted, you could use a breast expander to correct the asymmetry. Than if a lift or reduction is needed with the revision of the expander breast as a second operation. Best of luck from MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

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