Help! Female, Wants a More Feminine Facial Appearance

I'd like to feminize my features a little more. I find that when I'm not wearing makeup, I tend to not look so soft and, well, pretty. I've lost 10 lb. and plan to lose more, though I think I will still need lipo under my chin. However, when I photoshop that fat out, it makes my chin protrude more. I definitely want a nose job, but do you think a chin reduction would help to feminize my appearance (or am I crazy?)? What would it cost to do both simultaneously, if possible?

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You look terrific in your made up photo. In the non made up ones you are the girl next door. You don't need to have anything done to your chin. You could have some refinement of your nose but that would be a personal aesthetic, you don't need it. Be cautious in having anything done to your face-the enemy of good is better.

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Yes you are crazy.

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You have been driven crazy by all the glamour magazines.  There just is no images of your favorite celebrities that have not been retouched in photoshop.  It is impossible to look like these people.  It creates an impossible to reach goal.  Having doctors who do not even know you tell you that you are beautiful with or without make up and don't need to be more "feminized" (away of making a natural face sound like it has a disease).  Check out the article I wrote on about why we get cosmetic surgery.  It is on my website at the URL below.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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