Female and 30, Considering Combining Peels and IPL for Mild Acne?

I have had several appointments now to review my skin and all with different opinions. I have been recommended 6 Agera peels, Dermaquest peels and peels + IPL. I am 30 and have mild, mainly hormonal acne, with some scarring on the chin area. Would a course of peels be sufficient or should I combine IPL and peels?

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IPL or chemical peels for acne: Start with skin care and then transition to resurfacing.

Acne is very common in your age group and from your multitude of recommendations it is obvious there is not one procedure that is truely "recommended". I would look into what is causing your break-outs and possibly alter this. It may be related to oral contraceptives. Also, make sure you are on a stable skin care regimen with a beta-hydroxy acid product which is oil-soluble and will help open pores. Anti-biotics may be necessary as well for severe cases. From the choices that you have listed, chemical peels can be far more powerful than IPL. The problem is there are many kinds of chemical peeling agents. Stick with either a glycolic, or Jessners peel and transition up to a TCA peel. These can be repetitive. Be careful combining both peels and IPL, as it is usually not necessary.

I hope this helps.

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