Knots After Liposuction - Normal?

It Feels Like I Have a Knot in my Upper Stomach Area Were He Did Lipo is That Normal ?

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Depends upon the Timing

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Early after liposuction some firmness in areas along the treated region is not uncommon. This should be better with time...weeks usually. If your situation is any different than this, you should see your surgeon for clarification. Optimally you should be seeing your doctor intermittently after surgery anyway.


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John Di Saia MD

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Dear Becky721

Thank you for your question. I am uncertain as to what you mean by knot- but will assume an area with increased firmness. This is also relative to the timing of your surgery. The healing process can take time- there will be some areas with more deep bruising and firmness that will soften with time.  The healing is rapid in the first month to 4 months then more slowly for up to a year and a half. Please follow up with your surgeon to make sure that things are going as expected.

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Trevor M Born MD

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