Feeling Lump Again After Inguinal Hernia Repair (No Mesh)? (photo)

1 week ago, I got an inguinal hernia repair (no mesh). Yesterday, I felt the hernia lump again. I'm concerned. I had to do some things around the house and had no help. All night I felt a real tightening in the center of my belly and as I push around the area, I can feel the lump again. I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago and I noticed the hernia 4 mos after but thought it was scarring from new BB. I've been numb there ever since so my pain is very little. Any chance I opened the inner stitches?

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?early hernia recurrence

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The lump you are feeling may or may not be a recurrence of the hernia.there are numerous other possibilities. You may just be feeling the line of repair that may be bulging a bit. There could be a small collection of blood or fluid.

It certainly is a possibility that overexertion could have caused a disruption of the surgeon's repair. You should call and arrange to see your surgeon. Only a physical examination will be able to help your doctor answer your questions.


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