Why Am I Feeling This Way? Any Help?

i just had my rhino done about ayear and ahalf ago, and everything went well, im a thick skin male so its taking a while for the swelling to completely go down,and i am still getting steroid injections to minimize scar tissue after a year and a half and breathing is good on n off, but overall, i do like the structure and appearance of my nose, and it looks really nature and well done., ivefell into a depression/anxiety though since my surgery and i dont know why? what can some factors be?plzhelp

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Confused after Rhinoplasty

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Dear Johnny,

I would suggest going in to see your surgeon and discuss how you are feeling. If your surgeon can't help you then perhaps he/she may refer you to another doctor for evaluation of your depression. . As far as your breathing goes I would ask your surgeon what was done inside of the nose. Typically with most rhinoplasty procedures I do turbinates and some septal work so that when your nose is reduced you will alleviate any breathing difficulties. I am not sure by your question if these breathing problems occurred before surgery as well and if they were addressed by your surgeon. I  hope this note finds you feeling better and enjoying your new nose. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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