Feeling Hard Small Lumps in my Upper Lip After 15 Days from Doing Hydrochloric Acid Filler, is This Normal?

i did hydrochloric acid filler in my upper lip two weeks ago. and i faced large bruises for 13 days, the bruises and the swilling are gone but i still feel small hard lumps under my lip skin, they cannot be seen unless i left my skin up,is this normal?. noticing that my body's nature is to bleed too much in every small procedure i do with any doctor. if i dissolve the acid can it be gone completely? i didn't like the result. and how many days till i go back to normal after dissolving the filler?

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Feeling Hard Small Lumps in my Upper Lip

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I suggest going back to see your medical provider to fix this issue, theres an enzyme called hyaluronidase that could be injected to dissolve this product. Give it a full 3-4 weeks before deciding to remove the filler, most likely these bumps tend to dissolve on their own with time.

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