I'm Feeling Great on Day 2 Tummy Tuck Post Op? How Much Can I Do Physically Without Setting Myself Back? (photo)

I just had my abdominoplasty procedure yesterday and am really surprised by how mobile I am and how good I feel. I did not require tightening of the muscles. I get tired of laying around so I've been sitting up and standing a fair amount.(not alot of walking though) This morning I did wake up with some pain and stiffness though. Should I be resting more? I'm not tired.

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Activity after tummy tuck

That is really great that you are recovering so well! I find that without muscle tightening the pain is significantly less.  However, you can overdo it and cause bleeding or excessive pulling on the incision so be sure to follow your surgeon's instructions and limit activity.  Walking.... actually, STROLLING is about it for the first week.  Getting out of bed really helps prevent blood clots in the legs and helps mobilize fluid/swelling early.  Good luck!

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Feeling Grt on Dy 2 T.Tuck Post Op? How Much Can I Do Physically W/out Setting Myself Back?Answer:

For my patients, I advise them to get up and move about the house at least 3 times a day...and thats about it...I just have them confine their movements to "strolling around" the first several weeks or so...follow your doctors instructions and play it safe...dont over do..You invested a lot in this. No need to overdo!

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I'm Feeling Great on Day 2 Tummy Tuck Post Op? How Much Can I Do Physically Without Setting Myself Back? (photo)

Sounds great but you should ALWAYS follow your chosen surgeon's advise NOTY ours! You are not our patient, so if I recommend go ahead and do activities and you cause a hematoma. Than I'm at fault. 

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Activity after tummy tuck

Congratulations on what sounds like a really positive surgical experience. It's good that you are ambulatory and not lying in bed. However, you just had an operation and should not overdo it. The swelling often guards against pain and it would not be uncommon for you to experience more aches and pains in the days ahead. Take things slowly and continue the great recovery! Dr K

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Tummy Tuck Recovery?

Thank you for the question and congratulations on what seems to be an uncomplicated recovery.

I would suggest you address most activity related questions to your plastic surgeon who knows your situation in much more detail than any online consultants could.

Generally, I would suggest that despite feeling “great” that you not overdo the activity and have a physical and/or emotional setback.  Significant ups and downs  (physical and emotional) are quite common after this procedure; keep in mind that you just had major surgery and that your resumption of physical activity should be slow and gradual.

Again, best to follow your surgeon's guidelines.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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