Can Feeling Contours of Nose After Rhinoplasty Shift Bones?

10 days ago I had a revision rhinoplasty, to reset nasal bones as they were not done in my initial septorhinoplasty after a hump was removed. After initail surgery i was obsessed with how terrible my nose looked and felt and couldn't stop touching it. This time round I have refrained from touching it, but today was curious as to how it felt so i gently felt the new contours of nose. It didn't hurt. But now I am worried that maybe I could have shifted bones inadvertently? What are the chances?

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Touching nose after rhinoplasty


It is ok to feel your nose after rhinoplasty!! there is nothing that you can harm by simple touching.

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Feeling Nasal Contours Post Rhinoplasty

Despite your curiosity there is no reason to "feel" the contours of your nose after rhinoplasty. You probably did no harm, but it is best to look at your new nose, not touch it.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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