Is It Possible to Feel Your Lactiferous Ducts or Some Sort of Nerves After Op?

I'm 25 years old, 9 months post op, areola incision. Silicon 325 CC. Happy with procedure. But for a few days already I have a unpleasant feeling in the left breast. I don't have any pain. Maybe just a little. But I've noticed when I am lying down and move my arm or breath deeply I feel my nipple from inside (I know sounds weird). Not even a nipple, but it feels like lactiferous ducts. Is it even possible? I don't have any children, not pregnant. Should I be worried? What do you think it can be?

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Unusual sensations in nipple 9 months post-op with areola incision

Usually this type of thing has to do with healing of scar tissue, and it may involve some of the sensory nerves to the nipple.  Lactiferous ducts are certainly in that area, and they certainly have some fibrous tissue associated with them - that is why nipples are inverted in some girls.  If that fibrous tissue becomes involved with scar, then it can contract and become tight, and this can all lead to the pulling sensations you are experiencing with any movements that place stretch on the tight fibrous tissues - lying down, moving the arm, breathing deeply, etc.  It may take up to a year or longer for scar tissue to mature, and it may also take that long for injured nerves to heal and regenerate too.  I usually have my patients massage the area a couple of times a day when this happens as massage does a couple of things.  The pressure and stretching forces help loosen the contracted fibrous tissue, and the stimulation of injured nerves helps "desensitize" the area, much the same as we employ desensitization therapy for patients who have injured the nerves in their hands.  If the odd sensations, or neuralgias or dysesthesias as they are often called, persist or worsen, there are some medications, like Neurontin or Elavil, which can be given in small doses to help until the healing is complete.  If there is thickening of scar tissue that we can feel, I will also inject the area with a steroid mixture too which can help soften firm and tightened scar tissue.  You should make an appointment with your surgeon to have the area looked at just to make sure that nothing else is going on.  Good luck.

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Strange sensations after breast augmentation not that uncommon.

I really can't comment on your particular situation but many patients speak of unusual sensations after breast surgery. I wonder if the fact they are focusing on the breasts after surgery intently may play a role.

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Is It Possible to Feel Your Lactiferous Ducts or Some Sort of Nerves After Op?

All kinds of odd sensations can occur in the breasts after breast augmentations (and in patients who never had breast surgery). Usually these resolve on their own without any certainty of what might have caused it. If it persists, an exam by your surgeon would be the best suggestion.

Thanks, and best wishes.

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