I feel I went too big (1 month post op) how soon before I can have an explant? (photo)

27, 5'1",115 lb. No kids was sm B or A. PS thought 350 would be the right size. I wanted a C & was afraid of being too big. I liked my breast wanted a little more.He did 350 HP, silicon, under. Im 4 wks post & unhappy, they're too big. He said give it 6 mo see how i feel.Id rather explant vs. exchange & end up unhappy. I want to get pregnant in a yr what should I do if unhappy in a few mo? How soon can i explant, what can I expect? hoping if I do it soon it won't be big diff. from what I had.

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Honestly, your results look fantastic.  I suggest you wait 6-12 months before considering a revision as your breast appearance will change over the next few months.  What seems too large may seem perfect in 3-6 months.  

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Too big following augmentation?

Hi there

thank you for sharing your concerns and anxieties.

I think you have had a few comments already from surgeons. I would agree with their sentiments that you seem to have an excellent early result albeit with a slightly high implant - this will drop over time.

Your result does seem to be proportional with your frame and not overly big so I think you should do well. However, your feelings at the moment suggest shock and concern that you have made the wrong decision. You are not alone - a few women will feel this. Indeed rather than being too small, they feel too big. In these infrequent occasions, virtually all women do get used to the situation and change their position entirely. Please do not worry, keep talking to your surgeon and their staff and they will help you through this. If after 6 months or more you still feel the same then, of course, something could be done.

Good luck with everything. I wish you well.

Paul Banwell, MBBS, FRCS
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Weight 6 months if at all possible before having breast implants removed

Thank you for your question and photographs. From your photographs it appears that you have a beautiful result and I can assure you your breast will become softer, smaller, and more natural looking in the next 3 months.

My best advice is to not act rationally but give yourself some time before making the important decision to have your implants removed. From medical standpoint the earliest I would remove implants to be 3 months think you can benefit from waiting longer than that.

Are Breast Implants Too Big?

Usually I hear that women wish that they had gone bigger, but occasionally in the early stages of healing we hear this question on whether the implants are too big. At one month, you have another five months to go before your breasts have really settled into their final shape. Right now you're still high and they look larger than they will when they settle into the pocket. I think you have a very nice result which is proportional. You should get a nice natural result.

Robert N. Young, MD, FACS
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Unhappy with too big breast implants

On the frontal view the results are very good, on the lateral view the implants are still high which is expected to come down with time.

As you are only four weeks post surgery, its still early to make any decision for the results. Give it another 5 months or so to judge, then the shape will settle and the size as well. At this time there is swelling and the implants are still high. As the time pass all will settle, and then if you still unhappy you can do the exchange. THe best

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I feel my implants are too big!

A very low percentage of women complain of being too big after breast augmentation. Of these, most women adapt and are happy after 2-3 months. I would recommend you wait at least 3 months before having any further procedures. At one month you are still swollen and breast implants are slightly high. These will settle over the next few weeks.

Frank Agullo, MD
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Regrets after augmentation

do happen in a small minority of patients. This is where you really have to be honest with yourself and the motivations for pursuing this procedure. If you did this for yourself, giving yourself more time to adjust to the new look (no, everyone is not staring at you) and wear clothing that helps conceal it may allow you to get over your apprehension of being too big. If you did this for other reasons or was jumping on a bandwagon and you know in your heart that you do not want it, let your surgeon know and plan the explant. But you should be absolutely certain that this is the path you want to take. I'm just sorry you are feeling this way and hope you can find the solution for yourself.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Implant swelling

At one month you most likely are pretty swollen. They will change over the next few months. Give it some time.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Post op disappointment

It is really too soon post-op to assess a final outcome. As hard as it is, please be patient and let the swelling resolve and the implants drop. Best of luck.

My under muscle saline implants are falling completely on to my sides lying down? (photo)

The result early looks GREAT! Best to wait at least 3 months than under local anesthesia have the implant removed if still unhappy.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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