I Feel the Implant in my Right Nipple? (photo)

Hello, please help me, I just hade my third breast augmentation 450cc subglandular aereola scar Eurosilicone brand and the left breast is bigger than the other one and harder, the right one is softer, smaller and moves around and when I lay down goes to my armpit, my big concern is why I feel the implant in my right nipple and is pointing down, both of them still in pain specially the left one" the bigger one" I still doing the massages please help me. Thanks!!!

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I feel the Implant

With all the surgeries you have had through the periareolar incision it may be normal to feel the implant. If the implants are saline the valve is hard and sometimes palpable. i would ignore it.

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I Feel the Implant in my Right Nipple?

Though you posted nice photos your issues need in person evaluation. Also sub pectoral placement might be of benefit. Seek in person evaluations. 

Subglandular May be the Problem

In my 45+ years of experience this problem is most likely due to the subglandular placement.  Why is this?  When you do implants over the muscle you do not have much in the way of space between the nipple and the implant,whereas, if the implants are submuscular they have the advantage of having an extra layer between the implant and the nipple thus providing a thicker covering over the implant.  Massaging will not make any difference.  My patients do not massage because I do not believe this changes anything nor prevents any problems

I am sorry for your grief and hope you get the correct treatment.

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