Would You Feel Safe Giving Your Mother, Sister, Daughter, or Grandmother Silicone Implants?

Hi! I am considering breast augmentation. I REALLY really want to do this after two years of breastfeeding! I am a thin woman, with thin tissue and my surgeon has recommended Silicone for me. He assures me it is safe. The FDA says it's safe. BUT, when reading the FDA's statement on silicone, I am not so sure. There are some pretty awful things that could happen. With that being said, plus the lymphoma study underway, would you honestly feel comfortable putting these in a loved one? Thank You!

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Is Silicone Safe?

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Yes, if my wife or mother needed silicone implants for reconstruction or for enhancement I would feel that they are safe. If you are not confident in the product/device do not ask for it to be implanted. Read the back of any medication you use and you will also see the many awful things that could happen as a result of the medication, everything in life has risk and possible side effects, but in my opinion I feel that silicone implants are a safe and time proven device.

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Would You Feel Safe Giving Your Mother, Sister, Daughter, or Grandmother Silicone Implants?

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I get this question often, usually phrased as "If I were your wife what would you recommend?"   I don't recommend implants. I educate patients about them and let the patient make the choice. There is a great deal of science accumulated over decades that indicates the safety of silicone breast implants. If my wife chose them I would have no qualms. But my real answer is it doesn't matter what I think. If you put something in your body that is going to cause you concern every day for the rest of your life, whether real or not, it isn't worth it.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Would I feel safe with a family member getting silicone gel implants?

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Thanks for your question, it is a good one. Actually, that particular question is a helpful way to look at and analyze treatment options of all kinds, not just breast implants. But to answer you: I absolutely would be comfortable with a daughter, or my wife, getting the current implants. Good luck with your research!

Matthew Concannon MD

Matthew Concannon, MD
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Safety of silicone gel implants

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You are absolutely correct in wanting to educate yourself about the safety of silicone gel breast implants.  These implants have been studied extensively since 1995 and there is no link between any autoimmune disease or connective tissue disease and breast implants.  There have been recent reports about lymphoma and breast implants has been recently reported. For more information about this you may want to reverence this article.  No implant or surgical device is 100% safe but extensive study of breast implants has been performed and if you have questions about the safety of gel implants then saline is always an alternative.  In your particular situation they may not give you the best aesthetic result but the key is that you have options and you should do what makes you most comfortable.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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