Do You Feel Any Pain While Surgeon Breaks Your Nose?

Hello If someone is having dorsal hump reduction with pure local anesthesia and when your surgeon breaks your nose does it mean that the pain is zero or you feel a little bit pain? Thank You

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Use either sedaton or general anesthesia

The dorsal hump reduction procedure should be done under general anesthesia or deep sedation (like in our clinic) . There is no reason for the patient to be in any type of pain during rhinoplasty. I would strongly discourage planning on getting it done under local anesthesia. It could get quickly overwhelming for the surgeon and the patient.  I understand that some patients are trying to cut the cost of the surgery, but in this case it is worth to spend a little extra to be comfortable. Sedation works great providing enough pain relief and easy waking up

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Rhinoplasty under Local Anesthesia

Having a full rhinoplasty that includes breaking the nasal bones is always best done under general anesthesia. While anything can conceivably be done under local anesthesia, the question is why. It will not be a completely pain-free procedure and there is little reason today to expose oneself to rhinoplasty with that anesthetic method.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Do you feel any pain while surgeon breaks your nose?

With anesthesia, the goal is for the patient to experience no discomfort during surgery. I prefer to use general anesthesia to ensure the comfort of my patients. I would recommend discussing any concerns with your surgeon ahead of time so you feel confident going into surgery. Be sure of the following prior to your procedure:

1) Your surgeon answers any questions you have prior to surgery and good communication is established.
2) A board certified anesthesiologist is administering your anesthesia.

I hope this helps, and good luck to you.

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
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Rhinoplasty anesthesia

I wouldn't recommend having a full rhinoplasty including osteotomies under only local anesthesia. It would be very difficult to comfortably, fully numb the nose using only injections.

Check out my web reference link below to read more about the anesthesia options for rhinoplasty.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Pain with Rhinoplasty Under Local Anesthesia

Dorsal hump reduction under local anesthesia will not likely cause any significant pain. No surgeon can guarantee that you will have no pain. However, anesthetic techniques are so sophisticated and reliable today that I strongly encourage you to consider at least sedation for your surgery.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Rhinoplasty under local anesthesia

 A rhinoplasty performed under local anesthesia is a bad idea.   There are  lots of different nerves that innervate the nose and it's impossible to get the nose completely numb to  perform a rhinoplasty.   The injections alone will  nearly be unbearable to try to get the nose  numb prior to breaking the nose  which will be equally painful. Rhinoplasty is best performed under general anesthesia with a controlled airway by a board-certified physician anesthesiologist in a certified ambulatory Surgery Center.

William Portuese, MD
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Rhinoplasty local or general anesthesia is a common question. If the surgeon does a good injection you should not feel it. My patients for35 years want to be asleep so they do not hear crunching and cracking of the bones. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Do You Feel Any Pain While Surgeon Breaks Your Nose?

It is rare to perform osteotomies (cutting or "breaking" the nose) under local anesthesia alone. It is possible just not a frequently used approach in most practices. While the nose can be effectively numbed the sound and vibration of the instruments used to cut and reset the nasal bones is unpleasant. Most rhinoplasty specialists will use either oral/ IV sedation or general anesthesia for rhinoplasty procedures involving work on the nasal bones. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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YES! You will feel it.

A better question to ask would be why your doctor would want you to be awake during the procedure. Seems cruel to me.  Is he trying to save you a few bucks? Not worth it. Go with another surgeon.

Joshua B. Hyman, MD
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Do You Feel Any Pain While Surgeon Breaks Your Nose?

        If you are having only local anesthesia, I would recommend an alternative.  Most use general anesthesia, particularly when performing osteotomies.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties each year.  Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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