Is It OK That I Can Feel my Silicone Implants Touching my Ribs?

I am 2 month after BA, i have 255cc Mentor implants, anatomical shape. I am satisfied with the result, but one week ago i started to feel in my right breast kind of movement of the implant, only when i bend, or when i push my breast up with my hands and then let them to go down, i feel in my right breast that the implant is kind of touching my ribs. I do not know how to describe it move exactly) It is not causing any pain to me, but is just wonder why it happens...Thnx

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Implant Touching Ribs

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If your breast implants were placed under the muscle then they are in fact resting on your ribs which are below the muscle.  That is how it is in every case where the implants are submuscular.  At 2 months many patients still have an awareness of the implants and may have different feelings and are still in the getting used to the implants time frame.  I believe much of this will go away as a bit more times passes, however, a small number of patients continue to have different feelings and sensations.  There may not be a reason or definite cause.

Thank you for the question and best of luck.

Breast Implants and Rib Cage?

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Thank you for the question.

Your description of feeling the breast implants touch the rib cage is anatomically correct given the placement of sub muscular (or dual plane) breast implants. Is it likely that  you will gradually adapt and the sensation will not be bothersome. For specific and more precise guidance please follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Feeling the Breast Implants after Breast Augmentation

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By definition, the breast normally rests on several structures: the upper and inner portion of the breast sits atop the pectoralis major muscle while the lower covers the rib cage. When the implant is placed under the pectoralis major muscle it sits on the much smaller pectorals minor muscle along its upper portion but for the most part on the rib cage. When placed on top of the (pectoralis major) muscle its upper third or so sits on ths muscle but the lower portion and side sits directly on the rib cage. What you are feeling is natural and the vast majority of women get used to this feeling in short order. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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Implants against ribs

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It is very possible that you feel the implants rubbing against your ribs.  It osunds like fromyour description that the implants were placed submuscularly.  This sensation may or may not improve over time.

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