Why does it feel like my lips aren't holding the injections?

I got my lips done about a month and a half ago. I got 1/2 a syringe of restylane. I only did a half at first because I was nervous. I liked how they looked so I went back and got the other half about a week later. I still wanted them bigger so I got another half about two weeks ago. I feel like they're dissolving really fast and I don't want to keep spending the money if they only last a month.

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Why does it feel like my lips aren't holding the injections?

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After fillers it's very common to have swelling for the first 2 weeks, once the area has healed patients tend to think the product is gone but in reality the inflammation has settled and you are able to see your final result. If you like the way your lips look when they're swollen, you would need to add more product to create a full plump look that you're wanting. Another option for you is trying Juvederm Ultra Plus

Why does it seem my lips are holding the Restylane injections

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I find that many people really like the initial impact of their lips directly after the Restylane is done - in other words, with the swelling in there. When the swelling calms down, it seems like less because there's no swelling there. While I would say I prefer to err on the side off less filler for the lips and use about 1ml of Restylane, there are people who I do 2ml or more on. So, it depends on the size you are looking for. If you like how they look swelled up right after injection, you simply need more volume to get to that point.

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Lip augmentation question

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Dear courtnizzle,

  • I have had this issue with Restylane where the results are underwhelming
  • Try having them inject Juvederm which swells up a little in the lips and you should get the results you are looking for

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Nima Shemirani

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