Feel Like I Am Gain Weight After my Tummy Tuck!

I'm currently 2 1/2 moths post op. After surgery I had developed a hematoma, I am as made aware that instead of 3 months to see a non swollen result it would be closer to 4-6 months....I have been back to the gym and walking up to 10k a day,I also eat pretty healthy. I am really hard on myself and starting to get frustrated, I am still quite swollen,and feel like I am gaining weight. My PS took 6-7 lbs off and as per scale I'm up 16. Why why? Any suggestions?

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Weight gain after tummy tuck

Although you could still have some tissue edema, a gain on the scale does indicate that you have put on some weight. First, rule out a seroma or continued hematoma, but this would not amount to much in terms of poundage. Next gien the hard work and cost of surgery, speak to a nutritionist and plan a weight control program that fits your lifestyle. Exercise is great.

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