Why Do I Feel Hardness in my Breast After It Was Pressed on Inner Part? What Should I Do? (photo)

I'm 1 year after BA,7 month after BA during sex my BF pressed inner part of my right breast i felt kind of pain on bottom part of breast. After feeling hardness stayed for 2 month and slowly left. 2 weeks ago the situation repeated, now i feel dull pain on the arrea he pressed (right where my muscel covers the implant (i have silicone dual plane)) and I'm feeling hardness in my right breast.i wear tight bra, to support the breast. After the first time i did not wear the bra, and my breast droped for 1 cm.

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After Trauma To My Right Breast, Why Did I Feel Hardness And Then The Implant Fell 1 cm?

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Thank you for your picture and your questions.  I see the inframammary fold (IMF) at the bottom of your right breast has migrated slightly downward.  This has also caused your right nipple to tip up just slightly.  It appears that manual trauma to your right inner breast may have injured the insertion of the pectoralis muscle into the sternum.  This may have also torn the scar tissue (capsule) around your implant.  The hardness you felt after the first incident may have been your muscle in spasm secondary to the tear or even a small blood clot (hematoma) within the muscle which then resolved.

The second trauma (a repeat of the first) led to a further tearing of the muscle and capsule.  This time, the capsular tear extended to the bottom most portion of the capsule allowing the implant to fall. 

It's a little hard to understand whether the implant dropped after the first or the second traumatic incident, but my explanation would be the same either way.  You have to understand that my theory is just a theory, but it is based on years and years of doing submuscular dual plane breast augmentations. 

I recommend you return and visit your plastic surgeon to get his or her explanation.  Of course, the biggest question to ask your plastic surgeon is, can this happen again and will it significantly distort your excellent breast augmentation. 

Breast Surgery

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It is extremely hard to make accurate diagnosis as well as giving crucial decision making clinical decision without an in person physical examination along with a length discussion, please see your local board certified plastic surgeon in your area. If you dont have a surgeon you can look at the american society of aesthetic plastic surgery website and search by zip code or postal code. I wish you the best success!

Hardness in breast

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Without an exam it is difficult to say, but it sounds like a capsular contracture based upon your description. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Without an exam it’s hard to determine what can be going on. If you’re feeling hardness there can be a chance you are encapsulating. You should see a certified PS to get the right advice.



Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Why Do I Feel Hardness in my Breast

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From the photo, both sides look quite even, so I am not going to have a possible explanation for you. This requires an actual physical examination, so a visit to your surgeon is your best bet.

Thanks and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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