I feel a hard part under skin in left lower cleavage. Could this be left over capsule from capsulectomy? Should I massage it?

Revision 11 days post op. 22 yr old silicone overs replaced with silicone unders. Both implants very soft otherwise.

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Hard area after revision

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It is difficult to say what that area may be without an exam. It could be firm stiff tissue beneath that needs to soften or retained capsule. Allow for complete healing then reevaluate. 

Earl Stephenson,Jr, MD,DDS,FACS

Hard area on breast after implant replacement

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Thank you for your question.  This could be exactly as you described.  If you had implants in for that long of time, you may have built up a thick capsule around the implant.  Sometimes it is very difficult to remove the scar tissue on the chest wall and you may be able to feel the bottom edge.  However, this cannot be determined without an exam and knowledge of what your surgeon did.  Best advice is to talk with your surgeon who has intimate knowledge of what was done.

Breast implant revision and residual scar tissue

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Really need more information to answer your question but it is possible that the firm area you are feeling is a portion of the old implant capsule.  Ask your plastic surgeon for details.  

Scar tissue?

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Without being your surgeon or perfromng a physical exam it is difficult to answer this. It could be possible that what you are feeling is scar tissue.  Best to ask your surgeon.

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