I Feel a Hard Ball Just Above my Pubic Area: Is This Normal?

I feel like a hard ball above my pubic area i just had a tummy tuck 2 months ago

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Hard area over tummy tuck scar?

If it is right above the scar and horizontal it will get better with time, in most if not all cases. See your board certified plastic surgeon, and she/he will tell you if it is normal swelling or something else. I would not be concerned unless six months go by and it's still hard, or it gets red, you have a fever or it gets a liquid like core. I do understand how it feels to wonder what's going on and I respect that.


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Tummy tuck and post operative scarring vs fat necrosis

It is not unusual to have some hardness or a feeling of a mass above the pubic area following a tummy tuck.  the mass may be early scar formation, a small seroma or hematoma, or an area of fat necrosis.  There are good options for treating any of these problems:  steroid creams or injections for scarring, needle aspiration or drainage for seromas or hematomas, and excision of areas of fat necrosis.  However, it is still early after your tummy tuck and this problem may resolve over time by itself.  Check with your surgeon for their opinion as to what the lump is and how they would suggest treating it.

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Probably some scar tissue or fat necrosis


Not to scare you but this is probably some scar formation and/or fat necrosis. Some tummy tuck patients will develop this. As long as there is no infection or drainage (which is rare,) it tends to get smaller and shrink down over months to a year. Just make sure your doc examines you and follows you while it evolves.


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