I Feel Dizzy and Like I Have Common Cold After 4 Mon of my Implant is That Ok?

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Cold and Breast Augmentation Not Related

This is probably unrelated to your breast augmentation. However, if you also have a high fever, you should tell your surgeon. It could be sign of an infection.

Cold after Breast Augmentation

Your cold is not related to your breast implants. Your cold is likely a viral illness and will not affect your implants. You should see your primary care doctor to further evaluate your symptoms. 

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Breast Augmentation - I Feel Dizzy and Like I Have Common Cold After 4 Mon of my Implant is That Ok?

There is certainly nothing about having breast implants that prevents you from getting a cold - and that's what it sounds like you have.  In the absence of symptoms related specifically to the implants (pain, swelling, redness, asymmetry of symptoms) it seems likely that this is, in fact, a common cold.  However, you should check with your primary care physician to be sure.

In the event that you develop symptoms that are more worrisome from the standpoint of your breast implants, you should not hesitate to contact your plastic surgeon.

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Common Cold and Breast Implants?

Your  common cold should not cause a problems  in regards to your breast implants. I would suggest follow up with your primary care physician if not better soon.

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Cold after breast augmentation

This does not sound related to your surgery.  If you have the common cold, it is likely a viral illness which will just run it's course over the next week or two.  Please seek treatment from your primary care doctor if you suffer from persistent or high fever, chest pains, trouble breathing, concerns about dehydration, or other significant symptoms.  It is expected that patients will continue to experience normal medical illness following breast implant surgery and you should not worry about a cold affecting your augmentation.

Dizziness and head cold 4 months after breast implants

This is unrelated to your breast implants. If your symptoms are severe, see your family doctor for an assessment and treatment.

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