Can You Feel Deflated Saline Implants That Were Placed Under the Muscle?

I have under the muscle, saline implants that I would like to have removed. I can not afford the removal surgery right now, but would like them drained and then possibly at a later point removed if I need to. If the implant was place under the muscle, once it is deflated, can you feel it or if it folds or makes an "edge" wouldn't that be under the muscle and not likely felt?

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Deflated implants.

Deflation is not the best option but it can be done and I have done it in a couple of patients.  I will only do this if I am sure the implants are saline (!) and that they were filled using a closed system that takes the saline from the IV bag to the implant without any exposure to the environment. 

There is a very small but real chance that implants that are filled with saline that has been left on the "back table" in a bowl can become contaminated.   If an implant with contaminated saline were punctured, there is a chance on breast infection.

I have deflated saline implants in one patient who met my above criteria and who wanted a breast lift after implant removal.  Deflating the implants first and letting the breast contract and settle for a month prior to breast lift made judging how much lift to do much easier. 

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Feel Deflated Breast Implant?

Thank you for the question.

Yes, regardless of the breast implant position, you will be more likely to feel the edges/shell of the breast implant once it is deflated. Some patients report that the  deflated implant can even cause discomfort. Much of what will be palpable/visible will depend on how much breast tissue and/or soft tissue coverage is present over the breast implant in your case.

I hope this helps.

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You May Feel Deflated Saline Implants That Were Placed Under the Muscle


The smaller your natural breast is, the more likely it would be to for you to be able to feel or see the emptied implants. The muscle usually only covers the upper part of the breast implant.

Strongly consider surgical removal of the implants in a sterile operating room to minimize complications. You should speak with your original surgeon to see if he can help you with this problem.

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Deflated saline Implants and implant removal

I would not suggest deflating your breast implants as you have implied.  Even if the implant is deflated it may curl up or kink and may cause a deformity or other problem.  I would wait until you can afford to have the implants removed surgically.  Best wishes.

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