Should I Feel Comfortable Continuing to See this Surgeon?

I am seeing a doctor who is very famous/popular here in NY. I had to wait four months to see him and I've seen him about 3x now. Each time I go see him he is so busy. I've seen so many doctors who have turned me down  who felt I should work with someone close to home. When I met this doctor he was so confident and to him my issue was not something he could not fix. I am so scared. Should I trust him? He always gets great reviews. He even let me talk to 3 of his clients.

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Should I Feel Comfortable Continuing to See this Surgeon?

 I have been a plastic and cosmetic surgeon for over 20 years and from what you are writing, it doesn't sound that you are ready for more surgery.  There are no revelations, guarantees or aha moments that will or should convince you to have any surgical procedure.  You should want the surgery, understand the risks and benefits and then find a plastic and cosmetic surgeon that you trust.  At that point you should be nervously excited to have the procedure.  Are you there yet?

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Developing trust with surgeon

The factors that go into trusting your surgeon are personal and complex. It isn't uncommon to be nervous about having any surgery. It sounds like the surgeon you visited is successful and has many patients who can vouch for his work.

If you haven't developed the necessary trust after three visit, then perhaps you aren't ready to proceed with this surgeon yet? Only you can decide if you're ready to proceed.


Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Surgeon and instincts

If you have seen a surgeon a few times but are still unsure, then something inside you is telling you to go somewhere else. Without knowing what you are concernced about, it is difficutl to offer other suggestions. Good Luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Answer to question about choosing a surgeon

It can be very difficult to decide on a surgeon.  You do not mention what type of procedure you are interested in or if there are any special circumstances, but you should follow the usual 'rules' for choosing a surgeon:

Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery; Surgeon experienced with the type of surgery you are interested in; Your comfort level with the surgeon; Responsiveness of surgeon and staff to your needs; Has privileges to perform procedure at hospital

You should carefully evaluate what your expectations are and decide if they can be achieved.  You have seen this surgeon 3 times and still have concerns.  You have spoken with 3 of his patients.  You need to explore why you are still "scared."  Once you make your decision, relax, think positively, and go with it.  Good luck.

Eric T. Emerson, MD, FACS
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Doctor patient relationship

Both you have to be comfortable with the chosen Doctor, and the Doctor has to be comfortable with the potential patient.

There should be mutual respect, trust and confidence. If you have not developed this in three visits then find some one who you can establish a patient doctor relationship with confidence, trust and respect

Samir Shureih, MD
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How many preop visits is too many?

I am not sure why from anything you are saying that you haven't yet gained confidence in this doctor.  Generally, being busy means that he is very good and popular.  This is a good sign.  Speaking with his patients is also a good sign. 

I have had some patients who have had several preop visits and I have learned over the years that after 3 of these(4 at the most), I start to back away from the patient because there is only so much I can tell them and they have not reached a point of trust with me and are not willing to give over the control of the situation to me.  This comes from having tried to go forward on a few and they have very difficult postop courses, tons of questions etc even in the face of a great result because they never fully placed their trust in me or gave over the control.   

So, you have done your research.  Now decide if you can place your trust in that doctor and give up control to him and his staff and let them take the best care of you that they know how to do!

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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