Is the CombiTuck a Safe Tummy Tuck Procedure?

How do you feel about the CombiTuck? Is it really safer?

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Branded plastic surgery procedures

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As Drs. Placik and Aldea have explained, there are many "branded" plastic surgery procedures, and this is another one.  These are usually done by non-plastic surgeons trying to convince you that their cutely named procedure is actually better and safer than a properly done real procedure by a properly trained real plastic surgeon.  Buyer be ware!!!!!

Drive thru cosmetic surgery

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Any marketed procedure using non-board certified surgeons to provide fast food type delivery of medical care should be looked at very carefully.

The CombiTuck

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Whenever an operation's name is trademarked, its details are intentionally obscure, it is taught for large fees at weekend courses to physicians who are NOT certified by the -American Board of Plastic Surgery and is performed by only by Non-Plastic surgeons I would NOT have it done.

I believe that a Family Practice doctor should practice Family Practice. An ER doctor should practice ER Medicine and a Gynecologist confine himself to gynecologic issues. Practicing outside the scope of ones training should raise major red flags regarding training, safety and reason.

To understand the dangers of having Plastic Surgery by NON-Plastic surgeons, read the comprehensive link at the link below -

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Do your research

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Check out the doctors doing the operation == none of them are board certified Plastic Surgeons == what does that tell you? If they have a problem ( which I am sure none of them will admit to) are they on the staff of a hospital where they can admit you and take care of you?  This, in my mind,  is another ploy for non trained doctors to do cosmetic surgery.

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