Air Bubbles After Breast Implants

im super worried im 100 lbs and 5'2 i had 360 cc down saline water and one was more filled because it was smaller prior to my surgery .

i dont feel pain anymore its been 3 weeks but i noticed when i bend over the one that was less filled i have like air like bubbles that i can pop in and out and i can also see it it looks like pop outs its really wierd and its only when i extend my arms out like bending over.  is this normal is it always gunna feel and lok like this please help ?

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"Air bubbles" after breast implants require a visit to your surgeon for review and reeassurance!

It's hard for me or any online consultant to answer definitively on the basis of your description alone, so the best advice is to return to your surgeon for recheck and discussion about your concerns, even if this is before your next regularly-scheduled appointment. Call today, make an appointment, and get your concerns addressed. Realize that at 3 weeks post-op you are still early in your recovery and much will change.

If you do not get satisfactory answers to your questions, seek out another opinion via ABPS-certified plastic surgeons via the link below. 

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Air bubble

This Is perfectly normal and will disappear in the next few weeks. It is from air and fluid (irrigation, local anesthetic, serum, etc) in the pocket which will be naturally absorbed over time.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Air Bubbles after Breast Augmentation

Thank you for the question.

You may be feeling the implant close  to the surface of the skin .  It is likely that you're feeling a “knuckle” of the implant  through an area of the breast tissue where there is least coverage,  specially in certain positions.

Consultation with your  plastic surgeon may be helpful to give you peace of mind and to discuss treatment options.

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Air Bubbles No Rippling Maybe

What you are describing in more likely due to rippling of the underfilled implant producing a fold which you may feel.  Any air in the implant will be rapidly absorbed and not cause a problem.  Check with your surgeon to discuss your concerns.

Richard Linderman, MD
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Air bubbles after implants

Any air that might be present after surgery will be absorbed in the first few days so I don't believe that what you are experiencing is air.  I think you are feeling implant rippling which is normal with saline implants.  It will not go away.  In fact, over time it may get worse.  The less a saline implant is filled, the more rippling there is.  In thin skinned, small breasted women, rippling is generally more noticeable.  The solutions are few and generally either involve overfilling the implant to make it more firm, or replacing with silicone implants which still may exhibit some rippling but usually considerably less. than saline. 

Jeffrey E. Kyllo, MD
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Air bubbles post aug

From your description i believe you are experiencing rippling of the implants which in a thin tissued woman with saline is very very common.This is one reason I prfer silicone implants over saline.

Robert Brueck, MD
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"Air bubbles" and saline implants.

From what you describe, it sounds as if you may be experiencing rippling of the implants. If the implants were on top of the muscle and you do not have large breasts, then this is unfortunately a frequent occurrence. Actual air bubbles would be unlikely. If the implant was underfilled from the manufacturers normal fill volume the implant will have a very "loose" feel to it. I recommend following up with your plastic surgeon to evaluate what you have been experiencing.

David Bogue, MD
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