Feel a Bubble in Rt. Breast 2.5 Years Post-Op Breast Implants, What Should I Do?

2&1/2yrs since BA,I have 375cc modert+cohesive gel under the muscle.I felt a bubble under the fold by the crease when touched.Have pain when gently move the breast laying slightly on my Lt.side as if though rolling over something. Still have a burning sensation also pec muscle discomfort at times some pain by armpit.Going to doctor in Oct.cannot see this in pics

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Feeling Silicone implants after breast surgery

implants that have changed in their feeling should be evaluated.  

mammogram and or ultrasound is a start.

they may have shifted.  you may have a change in breast tissue

they may have broken or a capsule may have changed.

see your doctor

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Mammography after silicone implants

My recommendation is that you return to the operating surgeon but, in addition, part of the protocol for use of silicone implants is mammography.  I'm always concerned about capsular contracture or implant complications so I would encourage you to discuss this with your surgeon and to make best efforts to comply with the protocol.  It could be something as simple as a fold in the implant but diagnosis is the first step.  Sorry to hear that you've had this issue and hope that correction will be a uncomplicated!

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Implant palpability

Thank you for the question.

Most likely what you're feeling is an implant in an area where there is very little soft tissue or breast tissue coverage. Your  planned course of action in meeting with a surgeon (hopefully a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon)  is a good one.

If it turns out that it is the implant you are feeling, revisionary surgery may be necessary.

Best wishes.

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Breast augment, bubble

This really isn't any type of bubble that you are feeling although patients almost uniformly use that term when they feel the bump you are describing. It is a fold in the shell of the implant. Although not dangerous, it can be uncomfortable as you mentiioned.  Your doctor will show you a sample implant so you can better visualize what you are feeling. Sometimes it is self correcting, other times it takes a small surgical procedure to correct it.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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