How Should I Feel About Breast Reduction? Will the Doctor Cut off More Fat from my Side, Back, and Stomach if Needed?

im planning a breast reduction but i am a big girl also i dont want to get my breast reduced and still have a big body so what i want to know is will the doctor get rid of that for me at the same time

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Breast reduction does not include removal of fat from other body areas

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Your breasts are extremely large and I think you would benefit from breast reduction. It is possible that, after reduction, you will be able to exercise and lose some of the weight which has created the fat rolls in your flanks and back. However, any such surgery would be completely cosmetic in nature and not covered by insurance. The reduction in a person of your size is lengthy and I would be disinclined to operate on your sides and back, even if you were able to pay, because of the length of time involved. The hospital will not charge the excess time involved in the cosmetic part of the operation to your insurer and you would be expected to pay for that, plus the surgeon' fee, at the full hospital billing price which will make it a costly endeavor.

Breast reduction with additional procedures

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Many patients have a combination of procedures done at one time, thereby only having one recovery period and in some cases can save on fees. If you are healthy it is possible.  See a board certified plastic surgeon to find out what your options are. Good luck.

Miguel Delgado, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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