What Results Should I See 1 Week After Lipo Surgery?

i had laser lipo with optic fiber a week ago. at chest and abdomen. even after the operation noticeable changes appeared to my chest but the belly looks exactly the same as BEFORE the operation. 1) is it ok? 2) how long do i have to wait to see actually that my belly is smaller? (i have to mention that i had very little fat on my abdomen, and the doctor said it remained just skin on the surgery table)

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Liposuction after one week


Patients tell me they can see the best early results one day after liposuction. On that day, when they are changing their garment for the first time, there is usually an "ah ha" moment. At that point the swelling is minimal. But one week later, it is more like an ankle that has been twisted and sprained: the area is bigger and hard to see any improvement.

At this point, one week later, I would suggest you are ready to kick start your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Why don't you focus on daily exercise and a healthy diet?

Give it a month, and see where you are then.

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