Feedback on Tripollar Vs Exilis for Skin Tightening and Body Contouring?

I have been considering skin tightening treatments. I have been reading about the new Apollo Tripollar by Pollogen that has been currently FDA approved. How does it compare with Exilis? I know they are both RF treatments but Exilis is only monopolar whereas Tripollar is more.

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Apollo Tripollar versus Exilis - We like the Apollo

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I would consider these 2 machines functionally very similar in what they produce. We looked at both and went with the Apollo as it 1) doesn't require a grounding pad for the treatments and 2) hurts less then Exillis. We liked the Exillis, but we loved what the Apollo produces. They are both significant more advanced then Thermage or Velashape, early generations of radiofrequency (RF) devices.

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