Feedback on Sculptra Lumps or Granules

I would appreciate some feedback about the reports of "granules" forming in patients treated with Sculptra. On this site, there have been posts of people developing granules years after having been treated. Why do these granules form and how likely do they occur?

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Granulomas from Sculptra

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It is a known complication of Sculptra. It was more common in the past when the material was not diluted enough and patients did not do any massage. Sculptra stimulates growth of your own collagen. If too much is deposited in one area, you have a lot of collagen concentrated in one area, which can feel like a lump, granuloma, nodule or granule. The exact nature of a granuloma in medical terms is different from the general public's use of the term granuloma. For the present discussion we will use all the above terms interchangeably/.

To avoid these granulomas you should look for an advanced Sculptra injector and do deep tissue massage five times a day for five minutes each time for five days. Remember 5,5,5.


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