I'm getting a Brazilian Butt Lift in 2 weeks. If I lose weight afterwards, will it drastically affect my bum?

I'm getting the "Vaser High definition Liposuction" and he told me that with his technique, he is very confident that most of the fat will survive and it would look a lot smoother. So I'm keeping my weight the same until surgery so I will have more fat to transfer to my bum however I want to lose weight afterwards to make the "S" shape very noticeable.

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Weight Loss post Brazilian Butt Lift

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Thanks for your question.  Fat throughout the body behaves the same way.  If you lose weight, the fat cells will shrink.  So, the volume will decrease in the Brazilian Butt Lift.  Of course this depends on the amount of weight you lose.  The more weight you lose, the smaller your buttocks will get.  I hope this information is helpful. 

Weight loss

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Thank you for your question.   It will depend on how many pounds are you planning to drop off.   Usually when the fat is integrated and you lose weight there's no significant chances. 

Weight loss after Brazillian butt lift

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Hi! let me answer your question in 2 parts. The Brazillian butt lift not only involves the transfer of fat to the buttock for augmentation, but also the sculpting of the derrière with liposuction of the surrounding areas (especially the waist/flanks). Both these factors are responsible for the noticeable "S shape that you are looking for. 

Fat loss or fat gain is always generalised and you can not achieve "spot reduction" with diet or exercise. Specific exercises might help you to build up specific muscle mass, but the impact of exercise on fat will be generalised. Therefore, every time you put on weight or loose weight you will loose fat & volume all over the body.

Therefore it would be best to maintain your current weight near ideal, establish realistic expectations regarding the outcome / your expectation with your surgeon & go ahead.

All the best!

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Weight Loss after your BBL

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Yiur concern is frequently voiced on this forum and to best understand it lets first consider what is fat. 

Fat cells are a way for our bodies to store energy we did not burn. If ercratvmore cslories than we burn, the calories are stored as fat inside fat cells. If we burn more calories than we eat, we lose fat cell volume which in extreme cases creates the bodies seen in cases of starvation (such as concentration camp victims). 

As a result, BBL should be done in people who are and intend on staying at their weight. Losing weight after BBL would result in loss of volume of ALL body fat and especially in the areas influenced by female hormones. The reverse is true as well. If you gain weight after BBL, all fat will get larger creating a result you may not want. 

Peter A. Aldea. MD
Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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