Which is Better FDA Approved Rejuveness or Biodermis for Tummy Tuck Scar?

I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow and my doc recommended biodermis mastopexy silicone sheet for my tummy tuck scar wit vertical scar in middle. Rejuveness says it's fda approved & bbb accredited & biodermis is not. Which brand will give me better results 4 my scar? Rejuveness also says it helps with itching. Biodermis is clear silicone & Rejuveness appears more white & claims 2 be pure silicone. Price makes no diff I just want what's best. Responses are appreciated thanks.

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Silicone sheeting for scars

There are many different options for scars after surgery.  Tape, silicone sheeting, silicone gel, compression garments, lasers, etc..  In general, most patients do well with none of the above.

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