FDA Approved Lap Bands?

Can you please tell me is there a correct lap band size or a standard FDA approved size?

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FDA Approved Bands!

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FDA has approved two major brands for use in the United States. The LAP-BAND System and the REALIZE Band. The LAP-BAND System is an Allergan product, while the REALIZE Band is a Johnson and Johnson product. These bands have been modified various times including length, width, type of buckle used, balloon dimensions, length, width and volume capacity etc. 

The gastric bands in use today are:  The LAP-BAND AP® System and the The Realize™ Band-C. The former has two popular sizes, small and large.

Most people classify bands by the volume they hold. The newer bands now hold a total of 10 or more  mL. of fluid, bands are rarely filled to that level. Other dimensions are the length of the band when extended. All bands are now wider (taller) also. But these dimensions are rarely discussed. The newer FDA approved devices are comparable in dimensions. All the previous models vary... they still are FDA approved but are not in use anymore.

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