Indentations after tummy tuck (Photo)

I had a TT two years ago.I have indentations below my belly button down to my scar line. The skin there is really hard. I don't like my belly button either, I never had an outie before and there is a huge purple scar around it. The indention on my scar line became noticeable 6 weeks after TT and bigger indention a few months ago. My doctor said he didn't know what would cause that. Two questions- could anything fix the indentions, and would micro needling help my BB scar and stretch marks?

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Post tummy tuck issues

Tough to advise you without the benefit of a direct exam.  Generally, concerns of this nature can be addressed in the office under local anesthesia.  Follow up with your surgeon.  What did you look like pre operatively?  Most plastic surgeons strive for perfect results.  Unfortunately, the parts we are presented with, are often worn and limit our results.   Best wishes

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Revision surgery

I am sorry that your results are not optimal. You still have a lot of stretch marks and you would benefit from full revision. 

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Tummy tuck reision options

Thank you for  the question and the photos.  Although an in-person exam and consultation would be ideal we can make some recommendations as to what may be the cause and solution to the areas of concern.  As for the cause, partial ischemia during the healing phase or scar tissue associated with the sutures used can be the source of the firmness along the incision line.  This can also be the source of some of the indentations.  In general, there will likely be three possible options for revision:-fat transfer to the indentations-scar revision (removal of scar and re-suturing the tissue)-full tummy tuck revisionThe scar revision can also be combined with fat transfer if needed.  The decision will be primarily based on what you prefer as well as how much residual loose skin there is above the belly button.  The scar revision can be done in a "mini-tummy tuck" fashion to pull a little on the skin below the belly button.  This can help the belly button a little as well.  Making the  belly button deeper can be accomplished by revising the belly button.All the best,Dr. Remus Repta

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