I am 12 weeks post op & suddenly have this painful red itchy rash on both breast. What could this be? (Photo)

What in the world could this be. No previous redness or healing issues, now today I woke up to a new soreness in both breasts near the incisions & over the past 12 hours it's progressed. Could this have something to do with my saline implants ??? Drs? Any ideas please? Should I try to see my surgeon or go to a walk in tomorrow? No fever just very sore & they both suddenly itch unbearably !

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I am 12 weeks post op & suddenly have this painful red itchy rash on both breast. What could this be

Thank you for submitting your question.  Best for you to be seen  by your surgeon for an examination today.  Most likely it is an allergic reaction but can not rule other causes without an examintion.  Best wishes.

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Breast redness

I appreciate your question.

Any change in your normal post op course requires immediate follow up with your PS.

The best way to assess and give true advice would an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

best of luck!

Dr Schwartz

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Breast Augmentation - Recovery

This is very difficult to diagnose without an examination. Some times there is a rash that develops from the surgical prep solution or if you had steristrips or glue on your incisions that can cause an allergy. However, I would recommend seeing your plastic surgeon as soon as possible to prevent progression and get started on a treatment. 

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Rash after surgery

It's next to impossible to accurately diagnose a skin condition or implant infection online, so you need to be seen by your surgeon ASAP to rule out an infection, and although uncommon, particularly in both breasts simultaneously, can become a breast threatening complication. My suspicion based on the severe itching is an allergic reaction/dermatitis from new bra, soap etc. or possibly a yeast infection. Best of luck.

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