Are implant cards, warranty information and Brilliant Distinction points still the norm?

When I got my initial BA in 2010 I received a card and warranty paperwork. For my 7/11BA I didn't receive either and was told the serial numbers were in my surgical report. I did get the serial numbers written on a note pad. Is this normal? Also,shouldn't I receive Brilliant Distinction points? I have provided my BD number and asked my PS, whose office advertises they are a part of the program, to enter the points several times and they still are not there. Any reason why this wouldn't happen?

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Implant cards, warranty information.

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We use both Allergan and Mentor implants, and feel it is important that individuals understand warranty information, and that after augmentation keep a record of their implants, the implant card you mention, which will identify the implants they are wearing by serial number. We also register your information with the manufacturer in case you need to be aware of any product notice, or need future implant replacement. Keep your card safe though in a medical file at home.

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Device Card

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It is still routine practice for most PS to give their patients a card from the company showing the device that was implanted into them, with serial numbers and such. I am not an allergan implant user, but it is my understanding all patients receiving allergan implants also receive 50U of botox with the implantation of a pair of allergan implants. I am unsure about how the point system works, best to probably just call allergan to discuss and see if your surgeons office has dropped the ball. Best of luck. 

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