Finding the right doctor?

I am in the process of finding the right Doctor to perform Labiaplasty. I don't want things to come out terrible wrong. I do know I need Labiaplasty with clitoral unhooding done as well. How does one find out how many clitoral unhooding a doctor had performed without a consultation? I'm from the Fayetteville NC area and I'm having trouble finding a surgeon. Also, when adding clitoral unhooding to the procudure on average how much does it cost?
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Trouble Finding a Surgeon because there are Few with the right skills

Your gut instincts are right on. All it takes is a look at the labiaplasty Q & A to see case after case of botched labiaplasties. Basically, look at their reviews, photos, videos, website and go with your gut. If you need to travel, then travel. I offer free hotel night stay for all my labiaplasty patients. Sounds like you need a horseshoe labiaplasty (video above). This is something you want to do only once. I have out of town patients coming regularly to see me and we help them with all of the logistics. The cost for a labiaplasty and hood reduction in orlando with me is $5500 and that includes the hotel stay. @orlandoniptuck on snapchat for weekly labiaplasty surgeries.

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Finding the right doctor

Thank you for your excellent question.  I would recommend using realself to find a number of labiaplasty doctors based on the closest cities to you, as all of those listed are board certified surgeons.  I would then recommend setting up a series of consultations with a few of them to discuss your desired appearance and have an in-person evaluation performed.  This allows you to determine the recommended procedures to help you obtain your desired appearance, allows you to see examples of their work, and allows a sense of cost.  I hope this helps and I will attach a link below with additional information you may find useful.

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Finding the right doctor for labiaplasty

You will do best with an in-person consultation, though you may want to interview more than one doctor.  If you have a primary care doctor, they may know of a good surgeon they have referred to previously.  Clitoral unhooding is an important feature of the surgery when appropriate, though not every surgeon does this part of the technique.  Many surgeons who do a lot of labiaplasty work also do other procedures in this area (vaginoplasty, secondary procedures, etc.) and if they do, that is a good sign they are well experienced.  

Thomas A. Pane, MD
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Finding the right doctor for labiaplasty

While labiaplasty has become more common as a surgery, many doctors have added this treatment to their practice.  The best way to evaluate a doctor is to be sure that they are a surgeon, are board certified, and have tremendous experience in the procedure.  Next you should evaluate their results base on photos that they should be able to provide to you.  Many photos exist on line demonstrating results that are good, and great, but even more exist that are 'below average'.  Study the before and afters and you can see who understands this procedure well enough to produce a great result that is natural and effective for your type of problem.  Finally you should feel comfortable with your surgeon, and their experience before selecting him or her.
Take a look at our photo gallery to get an example of some great results and judge for yourself.  You are the best at making this decision once you are educated in what to look for.  If you can't find someone local because you are in a smaller town  to you (which Fayetville is not)you may chose to go out of town to find a skilled surgeon that can accomodate you as an out of town patient.  Call our offices if you have any questions or would like to consider this.

Nikesh K. Patel, MD
Freehold Plastic Surgeon
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