One Eyelid Still Larger... (Photo)

Posted this a few days ago but pics did not get attached. I got upper blephaoplasty 2 weeks ago for asymmetrical of one of my lids. As seen in the pic my right lid did not show as much as my left. Well now I can tell most of the swelling is gone but now my right lid is larger instead of matching the left lid and also has a extra crease in it. My incision is also higher on that lid as well. Im also feeling like a heaviness or pull when I look up. Is that normal and do you think they will eventually look more symmetrical?

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Two weeks of healing is not very long.

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Having said that, your upper eyelid now appear ptotic with the right upper eyelid worse than the left.  This can occur following upper eyelid surgery either from direct injury when the skin and muscle are excised but it can also occur due to swelling.  Generally it is best to allow the eyelids 6 to 12 months of healing before repairing the ptosis.

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